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Picket Fences

Picket fencing is a terrific option for Sydney residents looking to achieve a particular look for their home. Providing a neat, tidy boundary around your property whilst still offering visibility and view into and out of the yard, Sydney Fence Builders offers a range of picket fences to suit your needs.

Choose from:

  • • Capped picket with pergola – perfect for a gateway or entrance into your yard
  • • Capped picket
  • • Round top picket
  • • Square top picket

We offer a range of colours to match your home and the surrounding environment. With our choices of picket heads you’re sure to find the ideal picket fence for your Sydney home. Call us now on 0423 976 052 to arrange a FREE materials and installation quote or to get more information on this or any of our fencing products.

Capped picket with pergola

Picket fences Sydney
Round top picket

Picket fencing Sydney
Square top picket

capped picket


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0423 976 052