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Treated Pine Fences

Treated pine fences are your standard timber fence.


  • • They are the most cost efficient timber fence
  • • Treated against termite and water damage


  • • When the pine dries out the palings will shrink and leave approximately 5mm gaps between palings reducing privacy
  • • Pine will eventually rot and need to be replaced


Treated pine fences can be supplied and installed in a variety of styles including,

Paling fence

  • this is where the palings are placed on the fence side by side

Lapped fence

  • Palings are overlapped to ensure there is no gap between palings for better privacy.

Lap and cap fence

  • Same as a lapped fence however there is a capping piece attached to the top of the fence for aesthetics and to cover exposed edges of palings

Heritage fence (posts peaked and routed)

  • The top of the post is peaked to form a point and a thin strip is routed around the top of the post for aesthetic appeal.

Steel posts 

Steel posts are an option with all timber fencing. The cost is generally more expensive depending on the thickness of the metal for the posts. Our experienced professionals can install superior quality timber fencing with steel posts to ensure you have a fence that will proudly stand up to any conditions.


  • • If looked after steel posts will last much longer than timber posts and therefore can be re-used when the timber has faded and needs replacing. This will reduce the labour cost of your next fence by approximately half.
  • • There is no risk of warping.


  • • Steel posts are more expensive for heavier fences due to metal needing to be thicker.
  • • If water and dirt is allowed to poll around base of post, they will rust through at the base essentially destroying your fence.
  • •  Steel posts are generally less sturdy than timber posts.


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